Life is a play and you should live it fast.
Get rid of your pains and have so much fun.
Direct your own play and choose your own cast.

Shape your future; do not stick to your past.
You can get whatever you want under the sun.
Life is a play and you should live it fast.

There will be some people that want your trust.
If they try to hurt you, leave them one by one.
Direct your own play and choose your own cast.

Do not stop learning; your lack of knowledge is vast;
Moreover, there will be a lot of things to be done.
Life is a play and you should live it fast.

Time is passing; you should live at full blast.
Your pains will follow you, but you must shun.
Direct your own play and choose your own cast.

Nothing is permanent; death will come at last.
Walking is not for you, you must always run.
Life is a play and you should live it fast.
Direct your own play and choose your own cast.

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7 Responses to Villanelle

  1. I liked the themes of this Villanelle a lot, and it is perfectly composed. The repeated lines and the rhymes at the end of the lines strongly emphasize the main point, which refers to the quick passage of time and the necessity of living our days fully. This theme reminds me of Shakespeare’s lines about the passage of cruel time in his Sonnet 60. The relevant lines are “Time doth transfix the flourish set on youth/And delves the parallels in beauty’s brow, /Feeds on the rarities of nature’s truth, /And nothing stands but for his scythe to mow” (9-12). Here, “his scythe” is an agricultural metaphor and it refers to Time as a grim reaper who brings an end to every life with its quick passing. Time harvests lives. So, this Villanelle is very meaningful in itself as it handles the grim reality of our lives. “Life is a play and you should live it fast” is a well-said line when we think of the assumption that during the moment of death each person visualizes his entire life like a film strip in which the person thinks of every moment or important moment he lived through. “Direct your own play and choose your own cast “is another repeated line which emphasizes the Shakespearean idea that ‘the world is a stage’, so every one of us is the protagonist of his own story or play and we choose our friends and future family at some points who may become very influential in our lives, but the thing is that we should live our life fast before our play ends, and we are lost forever. Besides, the repeated end-rhymes with words such as “fast, cast, past, trust, last” are very meaningful on their own by implying the major theme with singular words, which makes the poem more interesting.
    Special thanks to Nimet for sharing such a meaningful Villanelle with us!

  2. 20804215k says:

    This is such an inspiring poem for me. Being about to graduate one needs such an encouragement. I enjoyed the poem because of its themes. The importance of one’s living life as s/he wants is highlighted in a clear language. Since its language is not complex, the main points wanted to be emphasized are clear, which I like while reading poems. As Yeşim mentioned above,
    the following lines “Direct your own play and choose your own cast” reminded me of Shakespeare’s words from As You Like It: “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players…” I perceived the poem as a short guideline to life in pursuit of one’s happiness. Thank you Nimet for sharing it =)

  3. b20801711y says:

    What a nice Villanelle Nimet! I like it a lot. It’s title reflects my new perception of life adopted for a few months ago. “LIFE IS A PLAY AND YOU SHOULD LIVE IT FAST” evokes in me a kind of “carpe diem” concept. Life is too short indeed and youth also that’s why we should live it beautifully. I’ve been taking pleasure from life since I’ve understood the importance of being young. Unfortunately we, human beings are not able to stop the time. Years, months, days, hours, moments are passing, seasons are changing and just like them human beings are passing through the phases of life and ultimately changing. This upsets me indeed it scares me. I am doing my best now to fully taste the flavour of the play; LIFE. I don’t want to see its denouement. I want to live its climax over and over again and I want to be the eternal leading actress of my play. This poem helps me to reconsider some values in my life. It suggests an encouragement in terms of the importance of one’s way of living life. Finally, I would like to dedicate a song which summarises my mood: Laurent Wolf “No Stress”.

  4. 20801343l says:

    This is the most meaningful Villanelle I have ever read because of its theme and style. When I read the poem, I realizes that time goes so quickly and I have never questioned why life speeds up as we are getting older. This poem gives a chance for the readers to reconsider their life, so as Nimet said in her poem life is play and we should live it fast. I want to appreciate Nimet for writing such a difficult and meaningful poem.

  5. Right after reading the title I’m reminded of Shakespeare’s “All the world’s a stage” from As You Like It. Unlike the melancholy Jacques’ classical monologue though (which, I see, all my fellow classmates have also referred to), your villanelle is full of joy, and all the while it is also full of didacticism. To be able to come up with this many fair warnings in this short of a poem in itself is truly deserves a round of applause. Furthermore, the short, yet adequate mentions of various hardships in life in each stanza, all followed by the signature repetitions of the final lines telling the reader to keep on going “at full blast” creates a delicate and artful balance; a balance which each and every young person should aspire to achieve during their youth. Good stuff, bravo! 🙂

  6. nimetpoyraz20900260 says:

    Thank you very much for your comments:) I am glad to hear that you like it. I spent a lot of time while I was doing this since it was very difficult to find rhymes, but now these appreciations make me happy. Thank youu

  7. 20801870ss says:

    I like very much your villanelle Nimet in terms of the theme and language you have used. The theme of the poem is quite obvious “seize your day” that I always appreciate. Your language is considerably simple to understand the theme and your point so it become more understanble when it is compared to the other famous villanelles. Your poem make me think about my life because nowadays we focuses on our graduation andon what we are going to do in future but your poem reminds me something that I should live my life. Therefore, there will be no regret for me if I do not postphone today’s enjoy. Anyway, when I look at the structure of your poem, it is totally constructed according to the rules of the villanelle. You begins and ends your poem with the same sentences that is always seen in villanelles. You give us a message about our lives by using these repetitions. So, Thank you very much for sharing with us. It turns out to be an inspiration when we are starting a new journey.

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