I Want My Happy Self Back

I want my happy self back






Girls in flamenco dresses with prices on them

Bulls that are let loose on the streets of my dreamy land

Protests all day, Parties all night


I was “cesim” in a foreign land

Without Turkish, without English


                              Una senorita de nuevo con una nueva identidad

                              En una NOVELA DE FICCION  said my friend to me


I had a perfectly peaceful mind, soul and heart for the first time in my life

No urge to prove myself to anyone


Yes, I am so homesick now!

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2 Responses to Poem

  1. With this poem, I just reflected on my happy times in Granada, Spain during my erasmus time last year in spring semester. I really feel quite sad every day in these days as I miss Granada a lot. Alhambra is the greatest monument in Granada which impressed me a lot , and every day I was in a place which had a perfect view of Alhambra. This palace had a sad, impressive history which I was told by my spanish friends. And Camborio was the most popular disco of Granada and it was right across Alhambra , which was interesting for me: the combination of old and new world. Tinto de verano was the favorite drink of summer time in Granada. Tapas were the most delicious , famous little things. Going out for tapas is an inevitable activity of everyday , which never bores you I felt like a different person there who could say ‘I’ , ‘me’ for the first time in her life. I lived with a different language that ı could not speak at all at the beginning. It seems a different, distant and unattainable world to me now. Here, responsibilities make me drift apart from a permanent happiness every day. I am a fourth year student , so I have a lot to complain but, I won’t say anything more. Enjoy reading the poem! Thanks.

  2. muzmul says:

    I was already guessing that you are talking about your Erasmus days in this poem. When I read your poem for the first time, it made me dreamy because I fetl close to your feelings in this poem. When I was in France for three months last summer and when I came back I felt happy and sad at the same time. I am missing those days very much and moreover, somehow this place becomes your hometown with all the people, places and events you got to know. It is the saddest thing when you have to leave these people and have to accept that you have a very little chance to come back together again. Because, I believe that it is the people that makes a place beautiful. So, I understand your feelings about Granada and all the places and people your mention in this poem. It is always very sad to say goodbye…

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