Europe in my palm

“Danke well, here are your tickets”

At  7:30 comes the train

We are going to see the civilization’s kingdom

But there is a party back in Alstublief land

Where you can feel the smell of freedom

Wheels within wheels

Tears in darkness


One euro is 293.750 forinth

“So are we rich or what ? ”

“Enough to buy a hamburger” she said

“I wish I could walk with a shower on my head”

No Photo Permesso nel Museo

Michelangelo on the streets of the Florentine

Walking under the blazing sun

Where Aurora’s father first felt the passion of love

“Oh! The prophets are naked” said the Turkish man.

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1 Response to Europe in my palm

  1. artun352 says:

    The reason I chose a Dadaist poem is that I really like that you don’t have to explain yourself or force your thoughts and ideas into a logical order or form in which you count the number of the syllabus , change the order of the words so that they rhyme, which I always find ridiculous. My poem consists of the memories of my days doing interrail last summer after my Erasmus in Holland which we called Alstublief land since we could never find out what the word “alstublief” exactly means in Dutch.

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