All You Need is Love

You always need someone

to want to hold your hand

to say “te busque”

and maybe “Nada valgo sin tu amor”

But it is a cruel world out there

You always hurt the one you love

Just as the amazing Ryan Gosling sings

When your eyes are singing the blues

And you say to yourself

Guess I’m a creep

I’m a weirdo

And desperately need

Chris Martin to tell you

I’ll try to fix you

Don’t you ever worry honey

At least

Northern downpour sends its love

And you’ll see the jigsaw falling into place

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1 Response to All You Need is Love

  1. nimetpoyraz20900260 says:

    I liked this poem since I agree with what you’re saying and I liked its title. It is true that all we need is love; however, we do not appreciate love when we have it, because it is in the nature of human beings to ignore what they have. As you say, hurting the ones they love is also the most important characteristic of people. This is a general truth, but I am not content with this habit of mine, since because of this habit I always make my beloved ones unhappy. Therefore, I want to break this habit and I think that everyone should break it.

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