Good morning.

M                                       rrrRRRINNNGG!!!
R                                           wake up.

Splosh!        Ting.       HSHHSHSHSSSH


Plug in the headphones.

Breathe in the air…”

Vrooom.               SM

“Leave… But don’t leave me…”

A                                               don’t sleep




About possiblythemostawesomeguyever

Name says it all, duh...
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5 Responses to Good morning.

  1. Ding Dong!
    Tick tock!
    HIRRR !

  2. bmk20800440 says:

    Nice representations of that painful cry we are all doomed to hear every morning. You very well know what I’m talking about – the alarm clock! The sound of the alarm clock adds a nice futuristic touch to the poem (almost like “Zang tumb tumb”). Good work!

    Other than that, “eat pray love”.

  3. b20801711y says:

    I am wandering who is this themostawsomeguyever. Is there a real existence of that concept? If there is, I’ve not met with IT yet 😀 Anyway, the poem successfully describes the sufferings of an earthling who lives within the framework of requirements. The alarm clock is killing me every morning but do you know what’s worse than a ringing alarm is someone else’s never ending alarm especially if it is ringing in a disgusting tune. Nice piece of observation from life itself! Bravo, THEMOSTAWSOMEGUYEVER!

  4. It is very fun to read this poem. Especially because we can understand the references, and it reflects a routine for a Bilkent student, and a person that doesn’t go to Bilkent will have trouble understanding some parts of the poem. Also, although I can guess that the parts in quotations are song lyrics, I have to “do some research” to find what the songs are. I especially like the rhyme “Eat” “Repeat” because even though it ends the poem, it tells you that it hasn’t ended and it goes back to the beginning. It’s ironic.

  5. muzmul says:

    Well, possiblythemostawesomeguyever, the poem promises as much as your nickname. These are ambitious promises. Anyway, It was really fun to read this poem. I think this can be a really good example for Dada poem. I believe it tells your feelings and emotions in a regular day. I felt close to you while reading this poem because it is very close to my days as well. We have to wake up early every morning, keep calm and carry on. The monotony of the poem made me uncomfortable though. We have to do the same thing everyday of our university lives. I am wondering when it is time for us to, as Orwell says, “Coming up for Air”.

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