Handel- Sarabande

0 -?, a miracle,

Love to bits, hate like a sin, think

Never remember the final curtain

Dark-white, a cold strike,

Noise. Crowd. Help. Hand. Harmony.

Loneliness, cold, soil, worms the great mates,


Leave school, go home. 

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1 Response to Poem

  1. 20804215k says:

    The poem describes life and death. The first line has a personal meaning. Handel’s Sarabande reminds me of death and peace. The readers of the poem should hear it as the background sound. Second line is a symbolic way of describing existing out of nothing and an uncertain end of life which reminds of a miracle. Then it describes daily occupations and feelings occuring with remebrance mention of death. Commas in 5th line suggests that what death will bring along is not limited with those mentioned in the line and they will last. Fullstops in the 6th line suggest that what is mentioned in it will not appear any more after death. The commas in line 7 suggest the same meaning as in line 5. “Memento mori” in line 8 is a Latin quatotation which means something similar to “remember you will die.” It is widely known to be uttered by a slave to his king when he comes back from a war with triumph. Finally the poem finishes with a suggestion. If the life will end, go and do what is good for you.

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