Gathered in a wood shop

Around first American television

Gasps and murmurs of a group of children

And a Dutch girl.

“Fun with Japanese”

An “ukulele-toting” man, grief-stricken,

To build miniature houses, lights dimmed

“Ene Mene Bu” , saws and hammers,

A radical hair-cut, completely unsupervised.

The unsteady children’s barely taken rooms.

And many writers across the street arrived.

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One Response to RANDOM (Dada)

  1. n20900754 says:

    The reason I preferred to make a Dadaist poem is that Tristan Tazara’s style in writing Dadaist poems sounded fun, so I chose a short, interesting article from the art section of New York Times, I cut some words out individually and picked up some phrases that caught my attention. Then I put them randomly. Some sentences make sense but most of the phrases I used don’t. But since Dada is an art movement that considers even the most random things as art, the poem doesn’t have to make sense or convey a particular message. By the way, “Ene Mene Bu” is a German program which is translated into English as “And It’s Up to You”.

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