I Do Not Like This

BLONG I hear
Welding Vertebrae
I go on,
but on Tumblr


moral prejudice

Most Popular Girls in School

BLONG, another entry

Greek letters, is that Hebrew?
That could only be one person!

He’s such a show off.

Excelsior I heard in the movie the other day
Elixir of Life was on the Sims!

There is no way I could understand this

charlieissocoollike, john green, the weather channel

Focus, Focus. It’s an assignment.

FarmVille 2 Nimet Poyraz sent you a request

Do I use French? Turkish?

Text! Translation from Turkish:

“You promised you would comment”

God he’s a show off, but he’s a friend.

You know what happens when I go on the internet?
NOT THIS. 99% of the time. not this.

But I don’t have a choice, do I?
Stop thinking of explaining yourself to Mr. Hart.
Give up on your nap, Register and start typing.

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4 Responses to I Do Not Like This

  1. bmk20800440 says:

    Thanks for admiring my poem so much as to make it a major influence for your poem! Thankful as I am, though, I cannot help suggesting that you could have easily created a poem with a lot more meaning and intellectual commentary if you simply followed the Dadaist formula.

  2. muzmul says:

    The poem is really nice and fun, made me laugh though I disagree that Mr. Kalender is a show off. Why would someone have to hide the knowledge he has or act like he doesn’t know? We should try to learn as much as possible from people around us.

  3. Hah! This is awesome, whomever you are. *coughcoughsezincough*
    Before calling Mr. Kalender, whom I’m such a huge admirer of, check my nickname though 😉

    That being said, quite effective writing really, fun to read, well done!

  4. bmk20800440 says:

    Thank you, Mr Awesome *cougherolcukcough*

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