Screaming 985 corridors damaged,in the town of Kopeysk

disrupted were Video serious condition,

meteor Two children showed  frightened around

09:20 (03:20 GMT)

Mikhail Yurevich with broken glass.

elsewhere ” immediate”. Mr Putin health department,

two seriously affected,

Chelyabinsk school at one Chelyabinsk’s kindergartens promised people

had been region, hurt children,

Interfax youngsters medical treatment saying industrial enterprises

Chelyabinsk posted 204

the fell littered schools

The governor reported saying sought

and online when, where were added.

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2 Responses to Blinding

  1. bmk20800440 says:

    The turmoil caused by the meteoroid in Russia cleverly reflected in the breaking of the newspaper article into individual words… The words that are scattered around at a random order almost reminisce the meteoroid being scattered around upon hitting the earth.

  2. ie20902343 says:

    Do not rack your brain much. It is very simple, and while reading the poem, the random words will remind you of a “blinding” of a meteor. It is supposed to be a Dadaist poem, and I dealt with an article on BBC. The article is about the recent Russian meteor incident, and I thought it would be interesting, since there are statistics, names and some images that can evoke the image of a meteor falling down. I like Melih’s comment on it, I think it is interesting to think about the scattered words, and the scattered meteor pieces in comparison.

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