the şiir

I was hoping for a miracle

would it ever happen?

“No way” said the fool.

fool he was always

“Fools” only believe in miracles

Hush, hush, but still do rush

your brain still needs a wash

so that you can think

make me believe we never ever sink

under the oceans there is still life

i am not a fish Find me a wife

where do we sign for a death certificate?

“you will die anyway” said the jackal

but hey what the heck is the jackal doing here?

Nosa nosa, accim vocé mi mata!

if I ever catch ya!

“can anyone write poetry?” the student asked

“because the writing world is full of losers”

do not worry said the mentor

the world has always been full of lying unthrustworthy scumbags

so why I am here?

because you need to learn;

to live

to survive

pero no puedes interrogar

everytime is we have the control the games under the control the games

during the games

we have the some possibilities, some big chances


but, what can I do sometimes?


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