Say the words and repeat:
Rose, violet, and daffodil
I’ll take all fortune graciously, all challenges in stride;
A piece of gold ribbon; rose, cinnamon, or orange oil
Today all efforts will succeed, for luck is on my side.
Decorate the altar with rose, violet, and daffodil
If desired.
A white or green candle;
If morning showers are part of your routine
Try to find a sunny spot to work it better.
A special outfit for the day!

Sit in front of the candle and watch the flame dance merrily,
It will work better if done less frequently.


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2 Responses to Poem

  1. muzmul says:

    This poem is about a ritual in order to have luck during the day and feel better. It’s like Felix Felicis when done in right order 🙂

  2. b20801711y says:

    I really like this poem, as if it invites me a mystical realm. While reading this poem I have a candle and incense stick on my bedside. The ambiance is very convenient indeed. However, I’ve learned that this potion requires six months to stew before it is ready to be consumed, this makes me a little bit disillusioned 🙂

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