Singles’ Day!

February 14, Thursday


UNICEF, Valentine’s Day Shopping!

BSO, Valentine’s Day Concert!

BAIS, Valentine’s Day Movie Screening!

BLOG, Valentine’s Day Poem!

German Course, “Glücklicher Valentinstag”


“Where is my darling?”


“When is Singles’ Day?”

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6 Responses to Singles’ Day!

  1. bmk20800440 says:

    A reasonable reaction to our turning of a Christian martyr into a commercial whore… But then the whole business of canonization is perhaps related to commerce? Sometimes it does look like a medieval way of creating public figures/celebrities, or whatever name you deem suitable, but then my knowledge of hagiography and martyrology is very shallow; hence these shallow comments.

    Either way, this is a good poem and an appropriate reaction!

  2. I agree with you about the commercialization of Valentine’s day.. all the advertisements and offers seem quite irritating as ı feel that it is just a superficial and materialistic endavour to wish happy Valentine’s day to all the lovers in every part of the internet, streets and even official mails. but I also think that the emotional content of the poem is quite interesting and deep. That’s to say, it bitterly reflects the mood of people who are forced, obliged and insisted to think that this day is not for them. The exaggeration of this day leads to digressive psychological disturbance even if he/se does not care about it or is quite happy in his/her life. I liked the end of the poem so much , which is “When is singles’ day? This is a rightful wish, but if there is singles’ day, there won’t be a lot of gain , which is the biggest concern in our capitalist world. Thanks a lot for this poem!! I loved it..

  3. metanoeia says:

    Once upon a time Valentine’s Day was simply the one day of the year the girl could propose marriage to the boy. (A bit off-topic, but worth mentioning.)

  4. ceren20601875 says:

    I’ve also heard an Irish tradition that a girl can propose to a boy on leap day (29th of February). Anyway, i think it is a very modern poem in that it expresses our loneliness, alienation and frustrations while at the same time criticizing commercialism and the consumer culture, which are just some of the consequences of our modern way of life.

  5. nimetpoyraz20900260 says:

    Thank you all for your comments. While I was writing this poem, I did not think about commercialization of Valentine’s Day. I wrote it with emotional effects of this day as you can understand from the title of the poem. Even though I am not aware of my loneliness any days of the year, I realize this feeling on every Valentine’s Day because of social pressure. I wrote this poem only with my feelings; however, after reading your comments, I realized that it could be a good example also as a reaction to commercialization of Valentine’s Day. This reaction can also show the criticism of modern ways of life as you say.

  6. Dilara says:

    A funny poem for me even though the writer feels lonely because of all these events on the Valentine’s day. In today’s world there is no possibility to escape from those international celebration days because they are everywhere and make us feel obliged to celebrate them. Yet we should not be oppressed by those events or ads etc. These days are just for the get use of our feelings and earn money through them. There is nothing wrong with being single on Valentine’s day or any other day of the year.
    Here is a joyful music video about single ladies 🙂


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