I want to know.

Niccolo Machiavelli (The Prince)

The bag (“ITALIA”)

Pastry Arts Club (Italian Chef Daniel Evangelista)

The song played in the background of my dream.

(Nanana na na na na, he is smiling at me and asking a question to me.)


Weather Report (Europe)

“Dove L’amore?”


“Can I borrow your pencil?”

Here you are!



Hope Mirrlees’ ‘Paris: A Poem’ inspired me to write this/my poem. I liked its style and tried to use the same style in my poem. I used or wrote the signs or the things I encountered during a day as   an answer to my question or the thing “I want to know”. I used Italian words such as “Grazie”, which means “Thank you” and “Piacere”, which means both “You’re welcome” and “Nice to meet you”, and I also wrote “Here you are” for its both meanings.


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2 Responses to Poem

  1. muzmul says:

    Burcu, I really like your poem. It carries the positive energy you yourself possess on yourself. I know you are very interested in learning Italian and I was smiling when I was reading the Italian language you used in your poem. I felt as if I could read your mind as you said you wrote about the things you encountered during a day. “Paris: A Poem” by Hope Mirrlees is one of the best examples for the modernist poetry and I think your poem is very inspiring as well. You wrote the things you come across during a regular day and the things come to your mind. I like the way you use the stream of consciousness technique. However, the most important of all is as you stated “I want to know”. We want to know, we want to learn and here we are or should I say “Piacere” 🙂

  2. mit20902681 says:

    Yasemin’cim, thank you for your lovely comment 🙂
    Abbracci e baci! (Hugs and kisses),


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