The wedding gift of Mark Antuan to Cleopatra

Herodotus’ ‘Hypachoea’,Clix the Phoenica’s ‘Chilakka’

Pilgrimage place of Vaticana


The legend of Maiden’s Castle

Concave of Heaven, Pit of Hell

Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine


Shahmaran, the Queen of Serpents

The Seven Sleepers of Eshab-ı Keyf

Sweetness of orange trees and the colour of the waves



La Bebe!!! Do you like Angara?

Ben Mersini özledimmmmm

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4 Responses to Poe’M’

  1. ie20902343 says:

    I really like this poem, especially because everything mentioned in the poem guides me to one point, and that is Mersin. Unlike the poem by Mirless, PoeM makes me travel back in time with ancient symbols of Seven Sleepers, Maiden’s Castle in a meaningful way. As a Turkish reader of 21st century, every bit mentioned makes sense and creates the spesific image of Mersin.

  2. muzmul says:

    I have never been to Mersin and I was always wondering what kind of a city it is. This poem actually made me “smell” Mersin. I feel like I am walking around the streets and getting to know the city. I like the way you mention all the ancient and touristic places as well as the daily life in Mersin. I am also very curious about Mersin cuisine now as you mentioned several dishes 🙂 “La bebe!!! Do you like Angara?” has become one of my favourite sentences in this poem. I feel that we both feel trapped and amazed by Ankara but also cannot help missing our hometowns.
    I hope to go to Mersin and see al the mentioned places and eat the foods you mentioned 🙂

  3. b20801711y says:

    Hello Miss.Muzmul.You get the main points of my poem.In my poem, I want to
    show the importance of Mersin in terms of its history, geopolitical postion and developing population. Mersin’s nickname within Turkey is “Pearl of the Mediterranean” and I think Miss. Muzmul, you shoul see this pearl. If you go to these historical places and taste the foods mentioned above, you will understand the poem better. So come to Mersin!

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